Metro C construction project in Rome uncovers 300-sqm ancient Roman military commander residence

Another archeological find was again accidentally unearthed in Rome.

The Metro C construction work on the Amba Aradam station which was originally carried out to expand the subway line of Rome has temporarily turned into an archeological site when the workers accidentally unearthed a sprawling 300-sqm 2nd-century residence which was believed to be owned by an ancient Roman military commander. The Amba Aradam station is located in the neighborhood of S. Giovanni.

The marble floors, intricate geometric black and white design mosaic, and frescoed walls of the archeological relic are all well-preserved and are still complete. It has no less than 14 rooms, a central courtyard, and a fountain.

According to the archaeologists, this discovery is the first of its kind in the capital. The ancient residence or dome was situated just around 40 feet below Viale Ipponi. It is said to be connected to the military barracks which were used as a dormitory by the Praetorian guards of Emperor Hadrian around 2,000 years ago. The said military barracks were discovered in 2016 in the same location.

The archeologists carefully dismantled and removed the relics from the site and transferred them to another area to allow the subway construction works to continue. The ruins will then be placed back to their original position once the works are all done.

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