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ZooMarine Water Amusement Park with bus from Rome Termini

Rome certainly offers more than just historical ruins and ancient structures. It likewise offers fun activities and exciting places both adults and kids can enjoy. One of these exciting places that you must visit when you are in Rome is the Zoomarine Water Amusement Park or simply Zoomarine.

Zoomarine is a fantastic water park in Rome that is located in Torvaianica, Pomezia. It occupies more than 34 acres of both water and land. It offers a great combination of amusement park, swimming pool and zoo. People usually walk around the park wearing their flip-flops and bathing suits. At a glance you can really tell that the people around are enjoying the atmosphere. And it’s easy to visit it since you can get online tickets to Zoomarine including a shuttle bus transfer from Rome Termini (central station) to the park.


Among the biggest attractions of this water park are its spectacular exhibitions of various animals. Visitors can be able to enjoy the breath-taking presentations of the ever perennial favorite Dolphins. You can really admire the intelligence, agility and the dolphins’ special bond with their trainers in their exhibition shows.

Zoomarine - Dolphin Show

There are sea lions and seals that are featured in the Wonderful World presentation, a show that is most enjoyed by audience especially by kids. Also featured in the presentation are the lost treasure and the sailors. The Wonderful World presentation is marked as among the most entertaining and hilarious exhibitions in the water park. When watching the show, you cannot help but laugh from the start all the way to the end of the presentation.

Zoomarine - sea lions and sealsZoomarine also features an Enchanted Forest show. This particular presentation uses tropical birds to entertain audience. The show does not only offer a gratifying presentation but it likewise help promote environmental awareness which is the park’s primary priority.

Zoomarine - Harakiri

If you are fond of watching something awe-inspiring and dramatic, you can go see the Birds of Prey exhibition. Through this presentation, you are able to get closer to the different grandiose creatures, in fact, even closer than you can possibly think of. You can as well see the 4D cinema exhibit and enjoy following the sea turtles’ epic journey.

Not only that the shows are entertaining, it also tell people the know-how of the different animals like where do these animals live, what they usually eat, what are their roles in the environment and how they live.


Apart from the different resplendent performances that Zoomarine water park stages, the park also features two great swimming pools that everyone can enjoy. People can feel safe swimming in the different pools because Zoomarine employed a number of life guards that are stationed around the area to help keep the people safe.

Zoomarine - Piscina

The first pool is named as the Beach. The Beach is perfect for families. It features different pools with various depths which range from 0.2 meters to 1.2 meters. The area is also fully equipped with umbrellas and beach chairs.

The second swimming pool features five different water glides. Each of the water slides is designed with different steepness and speed. Everyone is welcome to try the glides and to enjoy the one of a kind thrill they offer.

Zoomarine - Aqua park

People who have a brave heart and who want to enjoy an extraordinary adventure can take the roller coaster. Both adults and kids can definitely enjoy roaming around the Dinosaur Park. If you happen to feel that your stomach is almost empty, don’t worry about where you can buy something to eat because aside from the Amazonua restaurant found within the park’s vicinity, you can likewise buy food and snack items from the seven shops and 11 different snack bars in the area.

How to get to the Zoomarine Adventure Water Park

You can get online tickets to Zoomarine including a shuttle bus transfer from Rome Termini (central station) to the park.


Via Zara, 00400 Torvaianica

Pomezia, Italy

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