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E-book Rome in a weekend: Helping you plan your weekend in Rome

A question I often get from people is, “What sights must you surely see if you only have ONE weekend in Rome?”

This question is almost impossible to answer, since Rome is brimming with so much history and over hundreds of absolutely amazing sites. Surely one weekend is not enough to explore a lifetime’s worth of wonders.

Nevertheless, I did my best to answer this question in the best possible way that I could through this e-book, Rome in 1 Weekend. So here you have it, a free 30 page e-book with all the content you need for a short stay. No fluff or sales talk but useful content like day to day planning, walking routes, inside information and photos, and lots of quick tips to get the most out of your holiday in Rome.

We help you to plan your weekend, not just by telling you which tourist attractions should have your priority, but also with practical issues you might face.

I did my utmost best to answer the most relevant questions in 2 e-mails and this 30 page e-book. Based on my experiences, I wrote some useful content like day-to-day planning, inside information and tips, all illustrated with photos.

As the content is short, to-the-point and from our point of view a must-read before visiting Rome, we give this away for free. On top of that, we want to give you further information on your city trip by e-mail.

Make sure you plan your trip to Rome well, so you have no concerns while visiting the city. Therefore, start reading our free e-book and 2 e-mails and leave your e-mail address so we can help you further with helpful tips and information!

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Angelina van Kemenade at the Circus Maximus