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My goal with this website is basically to inform my readers about the different sites in Rome. But aside from that, I also share my own travel experiences, suggest various tours that suit your preferences and so much more. On this site, there are a number of places, products and services that come from third party sources too. I’ll promote only products and services that I like and that I’m confident of that they will be of value to you.

Please send me a feedback on what you think about the website and feel free to also share your own Rome experiences and the excursions you have participated in.

The internet is an open market and media, therefore within this blog, there are links to products and services on my website in which I receive commissions whenever a purchase is made. I will not enumerate in this note all the products and services that are linked to this site. It is assumed, therefore, that all the links to any product or service are affiliate links and that I will earn a commission from it. Any affiliate commission does not affect the price of a product or service on a third party site.


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