Cinecitta World

Have you ever been submerged in a movie? If the answer is yes, then Cinecitta World is the right place for you. It’s also one of the reasons of why we say Rome is more than ruins. This is the kind of park in which you can let inifite imagination flow. And also, the perfect plan for the whole family!

What is Cinecitta World about?

Cinecitta World is making the visitor go through such an intense atmosphere that at some point, people have trouble differentiating reality from fiction. People can travel into an imaginary world. In itk they can even participate like actors, directors and other type of roles In fact, some of the people that work in the park are also involved in a very fun fictitious experience, depending on the set you are.

Cinecitta World is one of the most interesting attractions for the whole family non related to Roman history in Rome, next to Zoomarine . It’s the biggest theme park of the country, solely dedicated to film industry and everything that surrounds it. It has more than 140 hectares, it’s build in the Castel Romano and the best thing is that it’s suitable for the whole family.

This theme park has De Laurentiis studios as a foundation, which means attractions are authentic. Some of the parts that have been available to the audience are 8 cinematographic sets, 20 fantastic attractions, theme restaurants and much more: everything inside the same park.

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There is also a great Street called precisely “Cinecittà Street”. In this place, you can find a scene which resembles New York in the 1920’s…ideal for nostalgic grownups and willing kids. But besides being all about nostalgia, you can also find fun activities such as bandit duels of the movies from that time.

Not only Cinecitta is ideal for people who love to submerge into memories: it’s also a marvelous experience for the little ones. In fact, the younger kids can go into a zone in which they can create and cook up their own dreams and fantasies. This area is called Sognolabio.

Besides these particular attractions, you can find different attraction park machines such as two roller coasters. So if you are up for adrenaline, then you can actually visit this part of the park!

What else can you find in Cinecitta World?

The park has other great features that allow visitors to be more comfortable during their staying. For instance:

  • Wi-fi service,
  • Guide dogs,
  • Picnic areas,
  • ATMs,
  • Vehicles to move around the park,
  • Body driers,
  • Gluten-free food and more!

Business hours

Usually opening hours go from 11:00am to 18:00pm, however this can vary depending on the season.


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