Top Rated Hotels near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum

Staying at the heart of Ancient Rome gives you a lot of perks. One is to get easy access to most of the main attractions in Rome. It is said that all roads in Rome lead to the Roman Forum. There are countless of visitors that flock to the Forum each day to walk through the streets where the famous Julius Caesar once stridden. During ancient times, the Forum served as the center of life in Rome. It is where political, judicial and commercial activities were focused.

A short walk from the Roman Forum is Rome’s ultimate landmark, the Colosseum. Lord Byron once described the Colosseum as the bloody circus of the gladiators. It is here where the brave gladiators fought against their fellow gladiators and even against the beasts. The Colosseum is considered as the most famous gigantic amphitheater in the world. It is located at the very heart of Rome and is known to be the most impressive structure of all the ruins and buildings in Rome.

There are a large number of hotels, holiday homes and accommodation residences that you can find at Rome’s center. Most, if not all, of these hotels are just a quick stroll away from each other and from the most renowned sightseeing spots in Rome. Every hotel varies according to price range, facilities and accommodation benefits.

We have gathered the top rated hotels around the corners of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. The ratings were based on customer reviews from the top three most distinguished hotel review sites. Among the most reviewed hotels with highest rating are enumerated below.

Residence Palazzo al Velabro

Residence Palazzo al Velabro, also known as Palazzo al Velabrum, is wonderfully located at the very heart of Rome, a few steps away from Piazza Bocca della Verita. For those who want to stay at the historic center but do not want to soak with the heavy traffic and for those who want a place that offers both comfort and luxury, Palazzo al Velabrum is the best place to be.

room at Hotel Vlabro-Roma

Palazzo al Velabro features a 17th century façade that faces directly to the Arch of Janus. From the façade, you can likewise take a quick foretaste of the Temple of Vesta in the Palatine Hill. Its luxuriously and elegantly designed apartments were being refurbished just recently to offer optimum comfort and satisfaction to the visitors.

lobby at Hotel Vlabro-Roma

The hotel has  a spacious and well equipped fitness center for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Visitors are also given the opportunity to get in touch with their fitness zone’s personal trainer for workout schedules. For those who want to dine for breakfast, the hotel has a refined breakfast and lounge bar where all guests are welcome.

Palazzo al Velabro Lobby

The hotel is well equipped with luggage counters, 24-hour front desk support and information center for city tours. This fully air conditioned hotel also offers baby-sitting and laundry services. There is also a satellite television unit and a cable connection in every apartment. The hotel also offers the possibility to rent a car with driver service as well as shuttle service to and/or from the airport. There is also a fixed internet and a Wi-Fi connection in the hotel.

Check prices and availability for hotel Residence Palazzo al Velabro.

Via the Velabrum 16
00186 Rome, Italy

Hotel Borromeo

Visitors who want to savor a genuine Roman ambience can choose to stay at Hotel Borromeo. This three star superior hotel is located just at the city’s old center. From the hotel you can have a quick visit to the main attractions at the historic center of Rome including the Colosseum, Imperial Fora and the Roman Forum. It is also conveniently located just a few minute walk away from the Termini train station and Cavour underground line.

hallway at Hotel Borromeo

Visitors can likewise  have a quick walk through one of the most significant streets in Rome. Just a few steps ahead from the outside of the hotel is Via Cavour where guests can shop at the most flabbergasting boutiques in Rome.

room at Hotel Borromeo

Couples in honeymoon can also best choose to stay at Hotel Borromeo as it is very ideal for romantic holiday. It is likewise a perfect place for family get away as well as for guests who are looking for a great time to relax and enjoy Rome to the utmost level.

bathroom at Hotel Borromeo

The hotel also serves continental breakfast during summer season at their roof garden. With this, visitors are able to start their day right by enjoying the breathtaking view of the city from the top while having their sumptuous breakfast.

Check prices and availability for Hotel Borromeo.

Via Cavour 117
00184 Rome, Italy

Hotel Raffaello – Rome

Hotel Raffaello Roma is likewise a three star hotel that is located at the historic center of Rome. When in Hotel Raffaello Roma, you will certainly feel the atmosphere of Rome around you.

Hotel Raffaello Sala

The hotel aims only for excellence in service and for superior customer satisfaction. This is why they offer exclusive services to their guests like Personal Concierge of which only few hotels in Rome offer. With the help of the Personal Concierge service, hotel personnel were able to relay to their guests the important information, tips and ideas they need to know to make the most out of their stay in Rome.

garden at Hotel Raffaello

The hotel picks only the best pastries for breakfast. This is to ensure that the guests could experience and taste only the most deliciously flavored brown croissants, cocoa, marmalade and top crème. The hotel’s cappuccino is also superb. The hotel likewise serves eggs, fresh fruits and special gluten free selection.

The hotel offers 24 hours free fruit juice, coffee and water. Guests can get their free pick-me-ups at the special corner that the hotel prepared. Guests can likewise enjoy as many free apples as they want from the special corner. And during mornings, guests are welcome to have croissants.

dining arear at Hotel Raffaello

In line with the hotel’s “Sweet dreams treatment” campaign, the hotel offers an a la carte menu where pillows ranging from classic, gold, cru and nature are enlisted. From this menu, every guest is given the chance to pick the pillow they want to use while in the hotel.

Check prices and availability for Hotel Raffaello–Rome.

Via Urbana, 3/5
00184 Rome, Italy

Hotel Lancelot

If you are looking for a peaceful haven at the heart of Rome, Hotel Lancelot is the perfect place for you. This three star hotel run by the Khan family is located just a short walk away from the religious tourists’ sites and from the main sightseeing spots in the historic center of Rome like the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. It is very conveniently situated at the tranquil Celo residential area, near the public transport. The hotel is ideal for family holiday, tourist visits and for business meetings and gatherings.

colosseum view from Hotel Lancelot

The core value of the hotel’s service is excellence and hospitality. Their friendly and charming staff and management always ensure that each and every guest they have will be able to experience the utmost comfort and satisfaction during their stay in Rome.

Hotel Lancelot Sala

Being warm and responsive to their guests is just innate to the English speaking Hotel Lancelot staff. With this, they are known to be among the few hotels in Rome that offer not only luxury and comfort but warm ambiance to the guests. In fact, the good reputation and increasing popularity of Lancelot can be credited to the recommendations the hotel got from renowned internet travel forums and magazines.

room at Hotel Lancelot  

Hotel Lancelot prepares round tables in their dining areas rather than the traditional dining table. This feature makes Lancelot distinctive from other hotels in Rome. During breakfast and dinner, guests from all over the world are given the opportunity to meet and greet each other while enjoying their meal sitting around the round table.

Aside from the free scrumptious breakfast, the hotel also offers free parking and free high-speed internet connection at a supplement of 10.00 euro per day. Guests are also welcome to bring their beloved pets with them, as the hotel is a pet-friendly place. Make sure that you advise when booking.

Check prices and availability for Hotel Lancelot.

Via Capo D’Africa 47
00184 Rome, Italy

Residenza Maritti

Residenza Maritti can be found at the historic center of Rome, more specifically in the 18th century building that was built over the Roman ruins, just in front of the Arch of Pantani. The building was completely reconditioned in 1999. From the hotel, you can be able to enjoy an overlooking view of the relics of the Temple of Mars Ultor situated at the Forum of Augustus.

room at Residenza Maritti    

Residenza Maritti offers their guests with quality accommodation, a warm welcome and the feeling of being at home. A single day in the hotel will make guests surely enjoy the superb hospitality of the hotel staff and management.

Residenza Maritti room

Each of the rooms of the hotel is well ventilated and fully air conditioned. Each room is likewise equipped with television unit. There are available personal computers for guest use with internet and Wi-Fi connection, as well as telephone and fax machine. There is also a kitchen and a living room that the guests can use for breakfast, free of charge. Pet lover visitors are also welcome to come with their cherished animal friends.

kitchen at Residenza Maritti

The reception area of the hotel, which is located at the ground floor, also stages cultural events like classical music and modern music concerts. There is also an exhibition space and a wine bar at the basement of the building.

Via Tor de ‘Conti 17
00184 Rome, Italy


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