Trevi District

The Trevi district consists of two parts: the upper section which is the main area of the Quirinal Hill and the lower part which is along the Tiber River.

There are several stories about how the area got its name. According to one story, its name was derived from the Latin word “trivium” which refers to the three main roads of the district. These three main roads converge at Piazza dei Crociferi. The most famous landmark of the district is the Trevi Fountain.


Trevi district

  • Palazzo Odescalchi
  • Palazzo Colonna, where the gallery Colonna is situated
  • Quirinal Palace
  • Palazzo Barberini
  • Palazzo Antamoro


  • Santa Maria in Trivio
  • Church of St. Vincenzo and Anastasio
  • Santi Apostoli church- the church temporarily kept the tomb of Michelangelo. Later, his corpse was transferred to Florence.


  • Piazza di Trevi
  • Piazza dei Crociferi
  • Piazza Santi Apostoli
  • Piazza della Pilotta
  • Quirinal Square
  • Piazza Barberini


  • Trevi Fountain
  • Fontana del Tritone

Other sites

  • Galleria Sciarra, a public passage that is partially closed with a chain as an ornament.
  • Chapel Madonna dell’Archetto

Trevi District
00187 Roma, Italy

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