The Pasta Museum

When you say the word Italy, I bet pasta is one of the words that come into your mind! Italy is best known for its elegant cuisine, especially in dishes that are pasta based. Hence, it can’t be too surprising that they have a museum that is dedicated to its most popular kitchen ingredient – pasta!

In the Pasta Museum, learn about all Italian dishes. Not only that, you can also see works of art that are made from pasta. Eight centuries worth of Pasta history is spread into the museum’s eleven halls. Exhibits include showing the processes of how grain is milled, made into porridge, how pasta dough is made and how it reaches its final form.

Italian Pasta

The Pasta Museum is the only one in the world with such a theme. For all those who are food and cooking enthusiasts, this place is a must. However, we’re pretty sure people from all ages and all interest would enjoy the Pasta Museum as well. Besides, it’s a fresh and delicious break from Rome’s classical theme.
The museum is owned by the Agnesi Family, who are also the founders of the Agnesi Pasta Factory which can be found in Imperia.

Piazza Scanderberg 117

Visiting Hours
9.30 to 17.30

€ 10.00

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