The Great Synagogue

Symbol of Freedom

The Great Synagogue was designed by Vincenzo Costa and Osvaldo Armanni. It was built between 1901 and 1904. The attention-grabbing ArtDeco design was a deliberate choice to celebrate the new found freedom of the Jewish community in Rome.

Rome was known as a Jewish community in the 2nd Century BC. During the reign of Victor Emmanuel II as the king of Italy, he granted the Jews of Rome full citizenship. Because the old synagogue was demolished, the community began to make plans for a new place of worship.

The Great Synagogue is not only a place for prayer and a symbol of the freedom of the Jewish community in Rome, but also serves as a cultural center for the community. It also houses the Jewish Museum of Rome which shows the history of the Jewish community in Rome.

You can find the Great Synagogue at the edge of the Jewish Ghetto on the banks of the Tiber.

Lungotevere Dè Cenci
00186 Roma, Italy

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