Located at the west side of the Tiber just south of Vatican City, Trastevere is the go-to-spot if you wish to have a glimpse of the old days of the people of Rome. A stroll in its labyrinth of alleys and a closer look at the bohemian houses can make you feel just as majestic as staring at the Pantheon.

Mornings in Trastevere are nothing but calm and superb. The climate is warm and comfortable, it would make you want to grab a chair and soak in the heat of the sun. It’s usually not until late afternoon that the streets of the Trastevere start to buzz. By then, people are lured to the district’s cozy restaurants or trattorias in their language. Trastevere has also a vibrant night life.

Trastevere is your gateway the glorious old days of Italy. It’s not as fancy as all the monuments and what-not in Rome but the air in Trastevere is homey and very welcoming.

Trastevere is considered to be one of the nicest, friendliest and most popular areas in Rome.

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The Museo di Roma

The works exhibited in the museum feature the Roman life in the late 18th and 19th centuries depicted in prints, drawings, watercolors and paintings. In addition to its permanent collection of exhibitions, you can also admire the works of the poet Trilussa, which were donated to the museum after his death.

The Pharmacy Museum

Get a picture of medicine in the 17th century at the Pharmacy museum. This museum houses an extensive collection of medicinal instruments of that era.

Villa Farnesina

The villa is famous for its majestic gardens. Displayed in the villa are frescos made by famous artists such as Peruzzi and Raphael.

Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

This is the oldest Marian Church in Rome. The church is located at the Piazza Santa Maria, the heart of the district.

Flea market Porta Portese

This large flea market is held every Sunday morning. It takes place at Piazza di Porta Portese.


Borgo is a green park. So if you wish to get in touch and bask in the glory of nature, this is where you should go. The park is located on top of the second highest mountain in Rome.

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