Old Rome and the Colosseum walking tour

When you visit a city like Rome for the first time, it’s completely normal to be super excited and wishing to explore each and every corner. There is so much to see and so much to do, and you just can’t decide which or where to go, considering the time. Deciding where to go and what do in Rome is a tough job, since each place has its own charm and history.


Joining an excursion is the best way to go when you are faced with this dilemma. Sign up for a city tour with an English speaking guide. On this particular tour, the guide will take you to all the important sights of Ancient Rome like the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, the Circus Maximus, and of course the most famous Colosseum.

No need to line up
When you sign up for this tour, there is no need to queue up for the tickets, as they are already included in the tour package. This is one of the best advantages, as lines can be very lengthy at times, especially at the Colosseum.

The three-hour tour begins at the Colle Oppia, at the southern part of the Esquilino Hill. From there, you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over Rome. You can also see the Colosseum from a bird’s eye view. From there, the guide will take you to different places while explaining the history and some fun facts about each location.

Tour Package
The tour caters to a maximum of 25 people in a group. It is kept small so that the tour guide will have enough time to address the needs of the participants in the tour.

The price of this tour is €50.00 ($65).

Check availability and book this tour now

  • Ideal for your first time in Rome. It will give you a brief yet great overview of Rome.
  • Book online. Don’t forget to bring the mail coupon as a proof of payment.

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