Restaurants in Rome

One of the things that you need to consider when visiting the eternal city is finding a nice place to dine and drink. Fortunately, this is not a huge concern in Rome. This is because Rome offers a wide range of dining options and they are all delicious. You can find a considerable number of exclusive restaurants in Rome as well as cozy hostelries within the city’s vicinity. Not to mention the pizzerias around almost every corner of Rome where you can taste the Roman and Italian style pizza and pasta. Generally, restaurants offer Italian pasta as the starter dish and then followed by the main course which generally consists of a fish or meat dish.

Because Rome is oozing with a variety of dining options, it may be difficult to finally decide what to choose for a particular meal. At times you want to eat a pizza, but having a sumptuous meal is likewise preferable. But it will depend upon your taste bud’s preference and your budget as well. No matter what you want to eat or where you want to dine, you’ll find good food.


Top 5 Restaurants in Rome

Restaurant Ad Hoc

Restuarant Ad Hoc is among the top “must visit” restaurants in Rome. It is located just at the center of the city, more specifically in a 14 century old building at the romantic area of Via di Ripetta. If you are looking for an exclusive place to relax, you can choose to dine at Ad Hoc. You may as well enjoy the cozy and romantic ambiance of the restaurant while savoring the taste of the typical Mediterranean and Roman gastronomy.

Ad Hoc 1
Restaurant Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc’s fine cooking is based exclusively on fresh and local ingredients of which truffles are the restaurant’s forte dish. You may as well enjoy the finest and prestigious wines. You may as well choose from a list of over a thousand exclusive Italian wines that the restaurant offers. The restaurant also employed two sommeliers who are always on service to provide you with assistance and advise when choosing wines.

Ad Hoc 2

Italian cuisine, Mediterranean
Prices range from € 39.00 to € 56.00
Phone: +34 937 12 33 87
through Via di Ripetta
Rome, Italy


Sensus Restaurant

If you want to branch out from usual pizzeria, you may choose to enjoy dining at Sensus Restaurant. It is a small, romantic, cute restaurant and a high rated restaurant that is situated in Vicolo del Giglio, just a few steps from Campo de Fiori and Piazza Farnese. Sensus Restaurant is famous for their warm service as well as for their fine and elegant cooking styles. You may enjoy the luscious zest of its dishes which are mainly a combination of fresh products. Sensus is likewise known for its affordable fish and mediterranean dishes. Among its delicious home style Roman cuisines are the tuna and fried green tomatoes combination, pasta carbonara,  spigola guazzetto, polpo, plateau crudi as well as gnocchi with shrimp. Aside from the main course, the restaurant also offers side dishes and desert just like pistachio parfait and wild berry cheesecake. The restaurant also features extensive wine selections to choose from. For those who come in group, Sensus Restaurant are happy to arrange for a group of 35 people.

  • Mediterranean kitchen
  • Prices range from € 23.00 to € 78.00
  • Business hours: Mon-Sat: 7:30pm-11:30pm
  • Closed on Sundays and in August
  • Phone: + / +39.338.96.93.770

Vicolo del Giglio 22
Rome, Italy

La Piazzetta del Gusto

La Piazzetta del Gusto is ideal for those who come in groups. The restaurant is a known place for business meetings and events. It is likewise child-friendly. The restaurant caters Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. A wide pizza selection is also offered. Aside from breakfast or brunch and lunch spot dining, the restaurant also offers reservations and after-hours delivery.

  • Italian Cuisine, Mediterranean Specialty Pizzas
  • Prices range from € 10.00 to € 31.00
  • Business hours: 12.00 to 14.30, 19.30 to 24.00
  • Monday: closed
  • Phone: +39 059 546255

Via Polia 41
Rome, Italy

L’Invincibile Ristorante Trastevere

L’invinicibile Ristorante Trastevere is advantageously located at the heart of Colosseom. It is known for its exquisite recipes. It is best known for its excellent service and delightful cuisines. The restaurant is open 7 days a week at 7:00 am for breakfast, simultaneously for lunch and for dinner. It also offers delivery services late at night.

  • Italian Kitchen
  • Prices range from € 9.00 to € 43.00
  • Phone: +39 06 70496047

Via degli Stefaneschi 3/5/7
Rome, Italy

Ristorante Eleonora D’Arborea

Ristorante Eleonora D’Arborea is perfect for business related events and special occasions. It is one among the locals’ favorite dining place as well. It is also ideal for entertaining guests and clients. If you want to enjoy the local cuisines, Ristorante Eleonora D’ Arborea is the perfect place to be. The place is likewise ideal for romantic and intimate dining. They also offer delivery services at late night. The restaurant is popular for its specialty dishes like the Sardinian cuisines and for its fine wine selection. It can be found in the Pariolu neighborhood, near the ancient former villa of Mussolini. They have English speaking and gracious staff.

  • Cuisine: fish and seafood
  • Prices range from € 55.00 to € 99.00
  • Business hours: open every day excepts on Mondays, book in advance
  • Phone: 06 442 509 43/06 442 413 96

Corso Trieste 23
Rome, Italy


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