About Rome Sightseeing

My interest in ancient Rome and in Roman legends and myths started when I was still a child. I was a fan of  TV series “Hercules” and “Xena” then.

In college, I studied at the Academy of Art and Designs in Den Bosch where I learned more about ancient Egypt and Rome art styles. Including those art styles used during the past hundred years to the modern era. Apart from the paintings and sculptures, we also learned about the architecture of ancient Egypt.

We also studied the work of arts in Rome. There are always interesting things that you can find in Rome. There are many fascinating artworks and architectural works to look up to in Rome.

Rome’s history can literally be traced on the street. Since childhood, Rome has thrived in my heart. It is not just an ordinary place that I would love to go roaming around, but it is especially the place I love to write about.

When visiting Rome, it would be best to look for a restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisines. Not only you get to learn and savor the taste of genuine Italian gastronomy, but you will likewise experience the Roman ambiance. Aside from the sumptuous pizza, I also love eating gnocchi in Rome. It is an Italian dish that is usually consumed as the first course in lieu of pasta or soup.

Rome is special not only for me but for my husband Patrick as well. In fact, our most favorite holiday destination is Rome. By working hand in hand, we are hoping we are able to share every important information with you, while guide you on what you may need for an ideal city break to Rome.

Angelina and Patrick van Kemenade

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