Rome Segway Tour

What is a Segway ?

Designed by Daen Kamen, a man in a wheelchair, the Segway PT is a self-balancing, two-wheel, personal transportation device. This cute, scooter-like, electrically powered device is very convenient when touring Rome. It has the advantages that walking or biking don’t have andplus, it’s exciting.

As we all know, the city of Rome is a one big museum in itself and you simply want to see every site and landmark. Many people choose to tour by foot or by bikes rather than by a car or bus. For one good reason, it is easier to stop by if you want to take pictures of a particular area or place when you are walking or biking.

However, not everyone embraces the idea of walking and not everyone knows how to drive a bike. Therefore one of the best options is for you to take the Rome Segway Tour.

Segway Tour

The Rome Segway Tour begins with a half an hour practice round, so everyone can familiarize how the Segway is operated. During the three-hour tour, you will be given a headset with an English audio guide. An experienced tour guide will also be with you as he leads you along to the highlights of Rome.

The tour itinerary includes the:

  • Circus Maximus
  • Ark of Constantine
  • Roman Forum
  • The Colosseum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Church of Santa Maris and Bocca della Verita Statue at the Wall

During the tour, you will enjoy and experience the breathtaking panoramic view of Rome.

The minimum group size for the Segway Tour is two (2) and the maximum is eight (8). The groups are kept small enough so that the guide will have everybody’s attention. The Segway tour is not suitable or advised for anyone below 12 years old or more than 70 years old. All riders must weigh between 100 to 250 pounds (45-110 kg).

Be Comfortable!

Make sure you wear your comfortable shoes on! Actually, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and bringing only a light backpack. Rain or shine, the tour will continue so you have to be prepared. Don’t worry though, all participants will be provided with raincoats.

For safety purposes, helmets are also provided to all participants. You can also bring your own knee and elbow pads if you want.

Online Booking

When you book the tour online, you will receive a voucher. Take this voucher along with you as this will serve as your proof of payment.

The price of this tour is €75.00 ($97,50). Prices are subject to change without further notice.

Book the Rome Segway Tour here.

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